Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded metal or expanded metal mesh is mainly applied as platforms and stair treads for constructions, vessels bridges and boilers.
They are also used as reinforcement for light construction materials and concrete pouring, radiator grills on all type of vehicles and air-compressors, safety guards for gear-drive equipment on various kinds of machines.
Expanded metal mesh can be classified into galvanized expanded mesh and painted expanded mesh
We have advanced equipment like various expanded metal punching machine and matching mesh flatting machine, mesh cutting machinery used to produce quality products. We have rich experiences in providing guarding fences for railway and super high ways.

SWMXLWM(mm) Thickness x Width(mm) Width x Length
1.5X30 1.0 100X200
10X25 0.5X1.0 610X1800
10X25 0.5X1.0 610X2000
10X25 0.5X1.2 0.5X1.4 610X2500
10X25 0.5X1.4 610X2500
Note: Other specification can be made to your request.