Security Screens

1 Alias: Window Security Screen, Diamond Security Screen, Security Screen

2 Material: SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,General Carbon Steel

3 Specifications: 11mesh*0.8mm,12mesh*0.7mm,10 mesh*0.9mm,8.5 mesh *1.0mm,4 mesh *1.6mm

4 Mesh panel Size: 1200mm*2000mm, 1200mm*2400mm, 900mm*2000mm ,900mm*2400mm ,750mm*2000mm, 750mm*2400mm,other size can be supplied according the requirement. It usually is black powder coated.

5 The Perception of mesh panel Looking from indoor to outdoor, it is transparent, no sense of vertigo transparent, such as a layer of colored glass. Looking from outdoor to indoor it look hazy and blurred.

6 Function Strong anti-impact force, anti-theft, bullet-proof, anti-mosquito

7 Features: The surface is smooth, the meshes is standard, the bending line of latitude is the same as it’s bending line of longitude Its observably character, stealing preventing, bulletproof, as strong as iron plate, is the first select of home and office security

8 Function and application Iron sheet shape, hardness and strong anti-impact force are the most remarkable characteristics of our products.

9 Good transparency: It is of high definition viewed from the inside to the outside, looking from the outside to the inside is obscure. It can create a safe comfortable private space for you. At the same time it can prevent mosquitoes entering the room. It is our first select to make our living room and office places warm, safe, stealing preventing, and bulletproof. Generally, it was named as metal security doors and windows screens.

10 Packing: woodern case or pallet